What are clients saying...?

"We can't recommend Gwynne McCue highly enough! We had only a couple of meetings about what general concepts we had about upgrading our apartment, and she quickly provided samples and suggestions and even sketches of concepts and layouts. We made some initial decisions and from there, she took them and provided more suggestions by email as we were overseas at the time. 
She also, coordinated having furniture removed to be reupholstered, storing some furniture as she coordinated the installation of wall to wall carpeting, storing items purchased in anticipation of installing them once the apt. was repainted and carpeted, and purchased material and sewed her own pillows for our apt. She also had new drapes installed. 
All of this, plus reorganizing the rooms and small items we had. She did all of this cost effectively and efficiently. We cannot recommend her more highly. We are delighted with our newly updated apt. It is like new!"

B.Crumley & W.Kimmel


"Gwynne worked with our family both as an assistant designer and head designer on our home design project. She is a gem! Her smart aesthetic and keen eye are complimented by her easygoing personality and natural ability to put together a beautiful, functional room. She listened to our ideas and was very thoughtful about the designs she presented to us. She not only found great new pieces for our home, but also incorporated furniture we already owned into her designs. She is creative, very easy to work with, resourceful and exceptionally organized. And, she stayed within our budget! How often can you say that about a designer? I highly recommend using Gwynne to help with your design projects. She's terrific."



"My husband and I hired Gwynne to decorate our living room. We had a lot of demands - we wanted the room completed within a short time window, we had little to no time to devote to the project ourselves, we wanted a polished design that would withstand our two children, we wanted to keep a few of our existing pieces and wanted the room to provide storage. Not to mention my husband and I have different taste. With just two in-person meetings, Gwynne was able to mock up a design that met our needs from a function and taste perspective and then was off-and-running implementing the design. She was a pleasure to work with, was flexible, very devoted to the project and clearly passionate about her work. We ended up with a beautiful new living room within the short time we requested (which frankly I didn't think was possible).

M. & A.Murphy


“Gwynne’s interiors are truly personalized and she helps create a home that’s unique to each of her clients. She wants to make her clients happy by decorating to meet their personal taste and budget. She doesn’t impose her will on clients; she seeks to understand what they want and how they live, and then to do the most she can given the budget they are willing to allocate to the project. We have worked with decorators in the past and they wanted to do what they wanted to do. Gwynne is NOT like that at all. She has done quite a few things in my home and I’ve been happy with ALL of them. I can’t say enough good things!”

N. & J.Warfield


"Gwynne is an exceptional interior designer with not only an eye but an ear for the details and a personal commitment that I applaud. The following are the qualities I valued the most:
1. Listening -- from the moment we sat down, she really listened to my taste and style and desires and didn't try to push anything on me (especially when i disagreed with something she recommended)
2. Collaboration/sharing -- at every step she shared her progress and thoughts and wanted to be sure I felt/was involved rather than just a client
3. Consistency/attention to detail -- from the broad concept to the tiny touches of flowers/positioning of a piece, she stayed true to the vision in every instance"



"After moving into a space that I knew I would be living in for a while I was faced with the daunting task of settling in. I only knew a few certain things going into this project: I wanted the space to represent me, be a manageable clutter free home, and be a place that I would be proud of. I just didn't know how to make all those parts fit together. I had furniture and art I liked as well as plenty of things that had outgrown their use. 
When I spoke to Gwynne my mind was immediately set at ease. I mentioned that I wanted to work with what I had and didn't have the budget or interest for remodeling or buying new furniture. Gwynne understood and told me she offered a "boot camp" service at a really reasonable cost. The boot camp consisted of Gwynne coming over for 8-10 hours. Looking at my art, my furniture, and my space and then transforming it. And she did exactly that! After a prior conversation with me on the phone (and a few emails) and looking at everything in my space Gwynne got a feel for me, my taste, and my home. 3 hours later Gwynne had moved things to their potential place and talked me through what her plan was. I was in and out for most of the day but 4 hours later it was magic. Pictures and art hung neatly and with cohesion! Furniture moved to where it worked best and made sense. Photos and knick knacks moved into their appropriate spots. I walked into a house that was my house!!!! It was amazing. Each room felt like it had its own character and purpose. And too see someone else work with the things I had and work it so if made sense was so gratifying. Gwynne was open to all ideas and there to help and answer all my questions. I truly think that this was money well spent and can't recommend Gwynne's services enough. I plan on using her for all my projects going forward."


"After a one hour conversation, Gwynne got me. I rent and I asked her to make my reasonably sized but unreasonably stupid kitchen a useful room on a modest budget. She understood exactly and got my design aesthetic. All but one of her initial suggestions were right on and she added some really nice little touches that made a big difference. And she cheerfully accommodated my desire for a difficult addition. I told a friend I wanted to go to work and come home to a new kitchen, which is exactly what happened. Not only was the experience easy and pleasant, Gwynne is really easy to work with so everything seemed exciting."



"Gwynne very simply, produces lovely results. My apartment is a small studio, it takes a great eye to pay such attention to the details. She was an absolute pleasure to work with as she carefully measured and discussed her recommendations before a hook goes into a wall. My pictures were re-framed and placed, interesting idea with an easel (I would never have thought of). My apartment looks like a home. Thank you Gwynne!"



"I've known Gwynne for years - and always thought she had such great taste and a strong work ethic. Those traits made her exceptionally easy to work with when I hired her to help me decorate my new apartment. It also helps that she's a real person, who gets that not every client has oodles of money to drop on a design project. She worked with me - Gwynne is a fantastically creative collaborator - and my budget. And I couldn't be happier with the results!



"We have worked with Gwynne McCue Interiors for nearly 10 years and Gwynne has successfully settled us into FOUR apartments! She has facilitated the changes in our home decor needs as we moved from life as a couple to a family of four. Gwynne is creative, resourceful and brings an excellent energy to her jobs. We certainly recommend her!"

S.Nolfo (February 2015)

"Gwynne made the process of furnishing and decorating our new apartment an absolute pleasure. The photos of the finished "product" could have easily been in a magazine. We were very impressed with our intial creative consultation and continued to be impressed throughout the entire experience. Gwynne gave us several options for each piece that we were looking for, always presenting us with terrific furniture and "overall look" ideas that we never would have considered without her guidance. She took care of ordering and accepting all deliveries...we never had to rush home to accept a shipment! If anything had to be assembled, Gwynne took care of it, and we always came home to our new pieces fully staged...often with fresh flowers placed nearby to mark her visit. Gwynne worked within our budget to create a space that we always looked forward to coming home to. She was also very creative and crafty with textiles and made us beautiful pillows, curtains, and tabletop runners. I would definitely work with Gwynne again when we move or redecorate next." 

S.Nolfo (February 2009)


"I hired Gwynne to decorate my New York City apartment. She was extremely professional, creative and fun to work with. The apartment turned out beautifully. We worked collaboratively on the ideas and furniture choices and then Gwynne managed the project from start to finish, including making and hanging the window treatments. I didn't have to do anything. I highly recommend Gwynne and I can't wait to start my next project with her."



"I hired Gwynne twice to decorate and design for my new condo. The first time, I was moving in and living as a single guy, and Gwynne immediately understood the style I was going for and the kind of look I wanted, and was able to deliver it in a cost-effective and creative way. She did the work herself (from painting bathrooms to hand-sewing her own pillows) and everything she did was top-notch. She also supervised all furniture coming to the apartment, giving me the ability to not worry about waiting at home for delivery (or dealing with the inevitable mistakes that happened when things were delivered incorrectly).
The second time, I needed Gwynne to help redesign my place after I got married and my wife moved in. Again, Gwynne came up with creative, innovative solutions, and did it affordably and with style. I came to truly respect her work after trying to rehang a mirror she had put up (I was experimenting in moving it to another wall) -- even with two people, we couldn't get it back on the way she had done it. She is a designer, contractor and decorator rolled into one, and she is a nice person to boot. I look forward to the opportunity to hire her again."