Why should I hire you?

I believe great interior design is much more than a pretty vase of flowers – it’s an investment in your fundamental happiness to create a personalized, beautiful and more functional home that you’ll benefit from every day, and for many years to come.

Whether you rent or own, I’m on a mission to deliver the best version of “you” in your home décor, without costing a mint or taking forever. My clients’ homes are very personalized because I ask a lot of questions, observe, and draw my own conclusions as well. I strive to deliver what clients didn’t even realize they wanted. From color and style to materials and budget to working with some things a client already has, I create genuinely unique results rather than churning out a standardized look. My recommendations blend retail, custom & vintage furnishings with an eye toward quality & value at any price point. I often design and sew custom curtains & pillows personally and provide one-stop-shopping for related services like repairs. I also promote working with local and smaller businesses when possible and those who share good business values. And I solve problems, big and small.


What’s your “style”?

I appreciate a wide variety of looks and welcome the challenge of creating something my clients love. After all, you're going to live in your home, not me! But for myself, I’m often drawn to a peaceful, earthy palette of browns, greys and whites with more modern, clean lines, a bit of eastern Asian influence, and some shots of brighter colors. Statement vintage pieces, unique art, jolts of color within a tonal scheme, and rich textures like velvet, leather, wood and grasscloth make me happy. Want to see? Click below to follow me and check out my pinterest page: www.pinterest.com/gwynnemccue

Gwynne McCue


What’s it like to work with you?

Fun and easy, I hope because I truly love what I do. I’m curious, versatile, and always looking for what’s next. I also have a business background so I understand how to get things done while giving you the creativity that you’d expect from a designer. Click on “buzz” above to see what clients are saying.


What services do you offer?

  • Interior design (Residential - for renters & owners)
  • Bathroom & Kitchen renovations
  • Painting
  • Floor planning (or RE-planning your existing furnishings if your layouts aren't working)
  • Sourcing & purchasing
  • Custom closets
  • Custom curtains, bedding & pillows
  • Framing of artwork & collectibles
  • Refinishing, reupholstery & replacements
  • Installation & deliveries
  • Furniture assembly
  • Contractor & site management
  • Problem-solving
  • Organizational & "spring cleaning" assistance (including removal of unwanted items)
  • Donations, auctions & sales of unwanted items
  • Off-site storage unit management
  • Other: Try me - I'll figure it out for you!


What will all this cost?

Each client’s needs are different so I tailor my approach to fit. I enjoy renovating an entire home or just sprucing up one room if that’s all you need. For larger projects, I work as many designers do which is to charge a flat fee per room to present a Creative Vision, an hourly to execute the assignment, and some markups on merchandise as every business does. I can work " a la carte" if only a couple items are needed and some clients choose an overall budget range that works for them and ask how I recommend we use it. My fees are extremely competitive for the objective and personalized attention you’ll receive. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project and get more information.


Could we meet before I decide to move forward?

Of course! Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation meeting where I would present my portfolio, see your space if possible, and answer your questions.


Are you on Facebook?

Yes, click below to "like" the Page and stay updated on the latest happenings: http://www.facebook.com/GwynneMcCueInteriors