Gwynne McCue Interiors, Inc.
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Happy client testimonial quotes for Gwynne McCue Interiors, Inc. We offer Manhattan-based residential interior design services.

Happy clients Say it best

We can’t recommend Gwynne highly enough! We had only a couple of meetings and she quickly provided samples, suggestions and even sketches of concepts and layouts. We are delighted with our updated apt. It is like new!
— B. Crumley & W. Kimmel
Gwynne is an exceptional interior designer with not only an eye but an ear for the details and a personal commitment that I applaud. She really listened to my taste and style. From the broad concept to the tiny touches, she stayed true to the vision.
— H. Lynch
Gwynne is the utmost creative professional. She has an impressive and unique style, but can also beautifully express the style of each of her clients. She is trustworthy and very enjoyable to work with. I look forward to working with her again.
— J. & R. Echlov
I hired Gwynne twice to decorate and design for my new condo. She is a designer, contractor and decorator rolled into one, and she is a nice person to boot. I look forward to the opportunity to hire her again.
— D. Kraut
We have worked with Gwynne for nearly 10 years and she has settled us into four apartments! She is creative, resourceful and brings an excellent energy to her jobs. We were very impressed with our creative consultation and continued to be impressed through the entire experience.
— S. Nolfo
Gwynne’s interiors are truly personalized and she helps create a home that’s unique to each of her clients. She has done quite a few things in my home and I’ve been happy with ALL of them. I can’t say enough good things!
— N. & J. Warfield
Gwynne worked with our family both as an assistant designer and head designer on our home design project. Her smart aesthetic and keen eye are complimented by her easygoing personality and natural ability to put together a beautiful, functional room. She’s terrific!
— J. Greenberg
Gwynne was a pleasure to work with, was flexible, very devoted to the project and clearly passionate about her work. We ended up with a beautiful new living room within the short time we requested.
— M. & A. Murphy
After a one-hour conversation, Gwynne got me. I told a friend I wanted to go to work and come home to a new kitchen, which is exactly what happened. Not only was the experience easy and pleasant, she is really easy to work with so everything seemed exciting.
— D. Robey
To give Gwynne all the accolades due her may sound ‘over-the-top’, but since they are due – I must. She supported my sales responsibilities with finesse, great spirit and was one step ahead of the department’s needs. I would work with, for or hire her again in a minute.
— J. Stonich
I’ve known Gwynne for years and always thought she had such great taste and a strong work ethic. Those traits made her exceptionally easy to work with when I hired her to help me decorate my new apartment. She is a fantastically creative collaborator. I couldn’t be happier!
— S. Lyle
Gwynne very simply, produces lovely results. She was an absolute pleasure to work with as she carefully measured and discussed her recommendations before a hook goes into a wall. My apartment looks like a home.
— W. Solem
It was amazing. Each room felt like it had its own character and purpose. I truly think that this was money well spent and can’t recommend Gwynne’s services enough. I plan on using her for all my projects going forward.
— S. Nachshen
I have known Gwynne for a long time and know her to be one of the most talented, resourceful, hard-working people out there. I was one of her very first clients. She would be a fantastic decorator for all types of projects.
— J. Israel
I’ve benefitted from Gwynne’s creative expertise in countless ways over the past 12 years. From interior design projects big and small to large-scale organization, she conceptualizes my style, taste, and needs perfectly. She can do it all, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— R. Shalev
Gwynne is unparalleled in her approach to capturing each client’s personal style & bringing their dreams to life. She oversees each project with a truly rare combination of design expertise and problem-solving sensibility.
— J. Vitale
I hired Gwynne to decorate my New York City apartment. She was extremely professional, creative and fun to work with. The apartment turned out beautifully. I highly recommend her and I can’t wait to start my next project with her.
— A. Zion
Gwynne is that rare individual that exhibits incredible creative skills as well as being a management wizard. She’s the perfect case study for AB personality type and does it with extreme finesse, humor and effortlessness.
— L. Sexton & H. Stozek
Gwynne was excellent to work with. She understood our needs and gave us options based on our taste. She made our lives very easy and did the hard work for us. We get compliments all the time on the work she did. I highly recommend her!
— A. & S. Bender
Gwynne not only helped us make our house a home, she helped us find a common style that reflects both of our tastes while remaining coherent. She’s an amazing collaborator, communicator, problem-solver, fountain of knowledge and creativity.
— D. Lang