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West 70th, NYC | Brownstone | Tri-Plex Apartment

Photos of West 70th Street NYC Brownstone Tri-Plex Garden Apartment by Gwynne McCue Interiors, Inc. We offer Manhattan-based residential interior design services. Unique personal oasis custom decor New York

West 70th Street, NYC | Brownstone | Tri-Plex Apartment

With a penchant for Asian style and a unique garden apartment near Central Park, this bachelorette wanted to create a special, multi-functional home. In her dining alcove, I designed tables and wall-mounted seating that convert from Western height to Eastern seating on the floor. Everything was hand built by Japanese carpenters, without modern tools or nails. The other rooms feature custom pieces like illuminated display shelves, découpaged side tables, glass marble-filled table lamps, and artwork hand-painted right on to the exposed brick walls. Custom pillows and cushions add texture and I made them with vintage Asian textiles and obis (the waist tie for a lady’s kimono). The basement media room functions as a guest bedroom and a workspace for meetings. We just gut renovated two of her bathrooms and added a Japanese-style soaking tub in one – stay tuned for photos soon!